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This workshop with leading personal development coach Nina Grunfeld, Founder and CEO of Life Clubs and her colleague, coach, Louisa Burnand. , has been designed  especially for WIJ members who want to get more out of their career but aren’t sure how.When: March 22, 6.30 pm for a 6.45 prompt start Where: 3 Smith Sq, Westminster, SW1P 3HSCost: £35 to include light supper and a glass of wine ( Eventbrite booking fee in addition)

It’s for journalists at the beginning of their careers who are unclear about which way to go, those in their mid-career who are downshifting while raising kids, and those who may recently have been made redundant or have retired, but still want or need to stay in the game.

Unless you’re a well-established superstar, it helps to develop a niche and be a ‘go to’ person for a particular topic or skill set. This self-development workshop has been created especially for WIJ members to help you discover that niche and feel confident about yourself..

If you’ve ever wondered why anyone would hire you, after this Women In Journalism event, you’ll know the answer.

Did you know that:

●              You are unique and your niche will feel completely comfortable once you find it

●              When you feel confident about yourself and what you’re selling it will be easier to get work

●              Knowing what you don’t want stops you wasting time

●              Having a plan gives you focus

In a small, interactive and relaxed group in lovely surroundings, you’ll:

●              Identify your unique strengths and skills to set you off in a new direction

●              Learn to step out of your comfort zone and try new things

●              Actively focus on the kind of work you want to do

●              Learn to set goals that you can achieve one step at a time

●           Understand how to manage your time at and thinking about work

What journalists say about Nina’s workshops

●     ‘Nina’s workshop helped me to consolidate my existing skills and achievements, but also to uncover some potential areas of growth. She created a fun, non-judgemental and thought-provoking environment and covered plenty of ground in a few hours.’ Lucy Fry, freelance

●      ‘It slightly pains me to admit it, but life coaching with Nina Grunfeld has made me a happier person.’ Clover Stroud in the Daily Telegraph

●      ‘Rather than giving precise instructions, Life Clubs offered gentle guidance to getting to know myself better.’ Joanna Della-Ragione in the Daily Express

●      ‘I left Life Clubs feeling brighter, lighter and more positive. On the way home, I made a detour into Peter Jones to buy myself a new mug — a pink one — in defiance of the unwritten white-only crockery rule in our house. Change indeed.’ Jackie Annesley in Evening Standard

Nina Grunfeld started her career as a graphic designer, then worked as an author and journalist (columns in Daily Telegraph and Evening Standard) for most of her life. Twelve years ago she started Life Clubs – a continuation of her passion for helping individuals discover what makes them unique.

Life Clubs runs local workshops around England and in the corporate environment. Nina’s self-development books, The Big Book of Me, The Life Book and How To Get What You Want have been published by Short Books, Pearson and Walker Books.



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