Women in Journalism UK, LSE Business Review and  Catalyst

‘The tycoon and the escort : The business of portraying women in newspapers’

When: September 19.

Time: 6.30

Where : Old Theatre, LSE Houghton Street, London

Katie Hind, Showbusiness Writer at the Mail on Sunday, formerly the Mirror’s Los Angeles Editor @katiehind  will present the research

Panel includes

Jane Martinson, Guardian’s columnist and former head of media as well as former women’s editor.@janemartinson

Eleanor Mills,  Editorial Director of The Sunday Times, Editor of The Sunday Times Magazine, WiJ Chair @EleanorMills

Allyson Zimmermann @AllyZimmermann

Marina Franchi @marinapfranchi

Helena Vieira,  LSE Business Review’s managing editor @helenavieira1

This will be a panel discussion of how the front pages of national newspapers  portray women in terms of content and bylines


We began six weeks of studying the front pages of national newspapers from Monday November 7 2016 and from  Monday June 1, 2017.
We looked at the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, The Sun, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Star, The Indpendent (they put an online front page up), the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times, Metro, The i, and the London Evening Standard.
The following Sunday, we did the Sunday versions, minus Metro, The i and Evening Standard  and we added in the Sunday People.
The research will be published to coincide with this debate.


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