A WiJ/ FT seminar

What’s it like to be a top female financial and business broadcast journalist today? How did these journalists get to the top of their field in national and international TV, radio and podcast broadcasting? What helped them along the way? What advice do they have to offer other female journalists who want to become financial, business and City broadcast journalists, and to those who are already working in this field but would like to know how to improve their chances of getting to the top?

On Thursday January 19th, Becky Barrow, editor of Sunday Times Money and Women in Journalism Committee Member, will chair a discussion with an all-star panel on this topic and attempt to get some answers!

The panelists joining us on the night will be:

  • Claer Barrett, editor of FT Money and the FT Money Show podcast presenter @ClaerB
  • Helia Ebrahimi, Channel 4 business correspondent @heliaebrahimi
  • Georgie Frost, Share Radio presenter @GECFrost
  • Anne-Marie Tomchak, editor of Mashable UK @AMTomchak
  • Sarah Pennells - Share Radio presenter, broadcast journalist and founder of


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