“Her Story” is a youth led project by Divine; a young women’s group in Hackney

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“Her Story” is a youth led project by Divine; a young women’s group in Hackney. A collective of young women amplifying their voices and the voices of others through photography and print. This book aims to collate the experiences of women across the world; sourced through conversation, contributions and interviews. Providing a platform to exchange dialogue through the collective voice of story telling, the empowering nature of sharing. We believe that our voices are silenced too often and we want to make a change. This is Her Story. Her voice. Her point of view.

We are seeking like minded organisations to partner with, opportunities to spread the word through media, donations and women prepared to share some of their story. WE NEED YOU! 

Organisations : If you work with women and want to help us with our vision that would be amazing! We want to link with people globally, work on similar projects, connect through our blog; have contributions and work together to raise the profile of women of all ages. 

Media Opportunities: Newspaper features, magazines, radio, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, word of mouth! Tell a friend to tell a friend. We want to involve as many people as possible and get a buzz going before our book launches. Can you help us?

Donations: We want to raise £2000 for charities helping women globally; we will be taking part in a number of fundraising events this year. If you would like to help us reach our goal please contact us. No contribution is too small.

WOMENAre you a woman? Do you have a story? We invite you to be a part of our book by sharing a page from the chapter of life. It can cover any topic that’s important to you, about you. (maximum 500 words). To make this project a success we are depending on the voices of women to unite and showcase our versatility, strength, creativity and individuality. Please email us!!

 Divine Girl’s group: contact herstoryprojects@gmail.com