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When it comes to asking for more money, whether you are on staff or freelance, is something women are bad at. Younger women frequently underestimate their worth; older women, often having had a career break for children, just seem to be grateful just to have the work at all. Men don’t see a problem.

Chaired by Jem Collins, digital journalist and editor, founding director  of @JournoResources and this years winner of our Georgina Henry Award

Panel included:

  • Lisa Unwin, founder of She’s Back http://www.shesback.co.uk and Deb Khan, authors of She’s Back, Your Guide to Returning to Work
  • Lucy Foster, content director, Shortlist Media
  • Monisha Rajesh, journalist and author of Around India in 80 Trains
  • Chloe Lambert, assistant  comment editor ,The Daily Telegraph