Member’s view

Kira Cochrane

“What I love about Women in Journalism is the people you meet at the parties and events, witty, clever, interesting women, who come from every part of the industry, and are at very different stages of their careers. It’s a great way to connect with people who can give advice and guidance on where your career might lead you next, interspersed with wicked, and often unrepeatable anecdotes!”


Sue Matthias
WIJ Committee
Editor, Weekend magazine, FT

“WiJ is a brilliant way for women journalists to meet and share ideas.”


Angela Neustatter
Journalist and author

“I have been in from the early days and regard WIJ as a place where I will meet the kind of women journalists I respect and like. As a freelance it’s a good place for exchanging thoughts, philosophies, ideas, gripes and plenty else. Good friendships have been forged and feeling part of an organisation where older journalists can offer something to younger aspirants is wonderful.”


Mary Ann Sieghart
WIJ Founding Member

“WIJ is a great organisation for getting female journalists together, exploring what matters to them and campaigning on their behalf. Any woman involved in any aspect of journalism will find it useful.”


Corinna Honan
Freelance Journalist

‘Since the demise of old Fleet Street, WIJ has been one of the best ways of keeping in touch with – and meeting – journalists from different publications. It’s a great forum for ideas and debating some of the questions that affect our lives and work. For older members, it’s an excellent way of keeping in touch with new generations of journalists; it brings a sense of continuity to a profession that never stands still.

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