New Book by WIJ Member Yvonne Ridley on Torture and the War on Terror

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Yvonne Ridley, one of the original WIJ co-founders, has written a specialist book called Torture: Does it work? By her own admission it is not an easy read and the idea for it began in the Afghan prison cell where she was held by the then ruling Taliban after an undercover newspaper assignment for Express Newspapers ended abruptly following her arrest.

The book, which has already received accolades from politicians, lawyers and colleagues in the industry, examines the interrogation issues and effectiveness in the global war on terror. Hugely topical when considering US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump recently announced he would “bring back water boarding and more” should he be successful.

“I set out the pros and cons dispassionately but without the loss of a moral compass because I wanted to find out if torture really could be a useful weapon in modern warfare. There are some harrowing and compelling interviews from victims of torture who, like me, found themselves in captivity suspected of all sorts of crimes.

“Fearing torture more than death, I faced the dilemma of having no useful intelligence to give to a set of scary-looking men who were convinced I was the female version of James Bond and highly trained to withhold information under pressure. I wondered if I should invent a story as the truth might not seem genuine.

“It turned out that this dilemma is one which has challenged many victims of torture as I discovered from World War II archives, details from the French Algerian conflict as well as more current conflicts,” said Ridley who is now living in the Scottish Borders from where she runs Britain’s only peafowl sanctuary.

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