Representation of Women in the Media podcast

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There has been some advancement in the extent to which women are shaping and presenting the news, but in an industry still dominated by masculinity, women remain vastly outnumbered.

Research* finds that number of women actually reporting and presenting on radio and television and having their own by-lines in newspapers, is still way below thirty per cent. Equally disappointing is the vast disparity in the number of women who appear on air as expert contributors, which is below twenty percent.There are also fundamental problems over the way women are portrayed in the media.

So, what’s going on? Why such a disparity between who writes and presents the news? Why are women still being portrayed as victims or just a sum of sexualised parts? Why is violence against women often so misreported? Why is the media so misogynistic?

In the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom’s latest podcast, former BBC political correspondent Nicholas Jones speaks to six campaigners in the long struggle to give women a greater voice in the media:

  • Lisa Campbell editor of the Broadcast Magazine
  • Lis Howell, director of broadcasting at City University
  • Shannon Harvey a campaigner for women’s rights from AVA (Against Violence and Abuse)
  • Fiona O’Cleirigh, freelance journalist, National Union of Journalists
  • Ann Field from the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom
  • Jess Hurd photographer and chair of the photographers’ branch at the National Union of Journalists

* The CPBF’s podcast focuses on recent research by Women in Journalism, Broadcast Magazine and City University.

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