What is WIJ

Women in Journalism is a networking, campaigning, training and social organisation for women journalists who work across all the written media, from newspapers and magazines to the new media. WIJ grew out of a demand for women to be more effectively represented at senior level in newspapers and magazines, and has since evolved into a forum for women in journalism at all levels.

WIJ is very effective on a personal level – its bi-monthly seminars, held in a central London location, have been hugely successful. Topics are diverse and designed to appeal to both staff and freelance journalists with subjects such as ‘How to ask for more money’, ‘What features editors want’, ‘Get your own column’ and ‘How to write a bestseller’! Panellists are senior women (and occasionally men) in the industry. The seminars begin and end with a glass of wine and plenty of time for socialising.

Gill Hudson  – WiJ committee member and editor, Reader’s Digest says ”The need to network effectively has never been greater. The pace of change is making it hard even for those working in large media organisations to keep up, let alone freelances, who can easily become very isolated. The problem is further compounded by smaller team sizes, so it’s now much harder to build up an extensive network of contacts than for those of us who started out by working with big editorial teams”

Research topics have included an analysis of the way women are portrayed in newspapers, the ratio of men to women in policy-making positions and the way pictures of women are used in newspapers.

The WIJ summer and Christmas parties are now major events in the media calendar and provide more valuable networking opportunities between members and their guests. Events have also been held in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Birmingham.

Our Committee Members:

We have a star-studded selection of editors and journalists for print, digital and broadcast media on our committee. So, we thought we’d show them off to you…

 Eleanor Mills

Wij Chair, Editorial Director, Sunday Times and  Editor, Sunday Times Magazine – @EleanorMills

Helen Lewis

Wij Deputy Chair, Deputy Editor, New Statesman – @helenlewis

Anushka Asthana

Political editor, Guardian

Sarah Gordon, Business Editor, FT


Fiona Bawdon

Freelance – @FionaBawdon

Becky Barrow

Head of News, Sunday Times – @beckymbarrow

Kira Cochrane

Guardian – @KiraCochrane

Louise Court

Former Director of Editorial Strategy and Content, Hearst – @LouiseCosmoEd

Lucy Daltroff

Freelance – @journalistld

Sue Ellicott

Freelance – @SueEllicott

Sue Ryan

Freelance – @suejryan

Katie Glass

Feature writer, The Sunday Times Magazine – @katieglassST

Bryony Gordon

Daily Telegraph – @bryony_gordon

Julia Gregory


Katie Hind

Mail on Sunday – @katiehind

Hilly Janes

Freelance – @hillyjanes

Lisa Markwell

Freelance @lisamarkwell

Sue Matthias

Senior Editor, Special News Projects, FT  – @suematthias

Jane Martinson

The Guardian Columnist – @janemartinson

Cristina Nicolotti Squires

Head of Sky News

Lucy Osborne

Daily Mail – @Lucy_Osborne

Sonya Thomas

Freelance – @writehandmedia

If you thought these were impressive, have a look at our range of inspirational speakers here: http://womeninjournalism.co.uk/speakers/

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