Eve Pollard is a Fleet Street legend, one of the very first women to edit a national newspaper, she topped being editor of the Sunday Mirror by editing the Sunday Express. Throughout her incredible career – starting  at Honey magazine, launching Elle in the US, being an editor, not to mention her forays into dress designing and being a royal TV star – Eve has not only propelled herself to greatness but made sure she brought other women along on the journey with her.
The London Press Club Ball (7/6/19) celebrated Eve’s massive contribution to the industry she loves, her sisterliness, her commitment to other women’s careers and to diversity before that was even a thing. It is 25 years since she started Women in Journalism to create a womens network to rival the old boys network. Throughout that time she has been unstinting in her support for the women who came behind her, enveloping us all in her boundless enthusiasm, warmth and intelligence. On top of her vast professional achievements she has also been a brilliant wife and mother
Her career has been a beacon to many women within the industry, proof that you can be successful but remain a real person – the true meaning of having it all. Eve, Queen of Fleet street, we salute you.