Every single journalist will write about race and ethnicity even if not overtly, who people are, makes up part of every story and sometimes those differences are not represented well. How can journalists notice differences and report on it fairly, especially when people from ethnic minorities are not well represented in senior leadership and positions of power to ensure balance. We can all see how audiences are speaking more loudly about how they are portrayed in the media, with a changing societal demographic. How do you show that all audiences are respected and valued? How can newsrooms begin to think about how their use of language, imagery and crucially headlines when race and ethnicity are part of the story affects different groups in their everyday lives. Language matters and we want to support newsrooms and content creators in reframing how they portray race and ethnicity and widen their understanding of how to be culturally appropriate in a fast-changing society.


Taking you through the session is Genelle Aldred, Deputy Chair of Women in Journalism and Author of Communicate for Change: Creating Justice in a World of Bias. She is a broadcaster with over a decade experience of newsrooms. She is joined by Afua Hagan, Award-winning journalist and writer, regularly appearing on Good Morning Britain, Jeremy Vine on Channel 5, the BBC, Sky and CNN. She is a distinguished Commentator on the British Royal Family, featuring on UK and international outlets. Afua is one of the leading voices on diversity in Britain