Women in Journalism is the premier network for women working in print, broadcast and online media. Founded 25 years ago by pioneering female editor Eve Pollard, we now have a membership of 650 and provide guidance,  mentoring and sponsorship for female journalists. We hold frequent high calibre events – recent speakers include the Home Secretary Amber Rudd at the House of Commons, The Duchess of Cornwall at the NED and the Editor of the Today programme, at a seminar about how to succeed held at Bloomberg. We mix these high profile events, with smaller lively discussions – on everything from race to harassment and closing the gender paygap – and we also have a more rolling programme of practical seminars e.g. How to get the best tax deal, or use of new social media platforms.

We are all about women supporting women; the most senior females in the media give of their time freely and generously to support those starting out, those coming back after a career break and those who just want to get better at their jobs. We know the power of the old boys network, WIJ is all about creating a strong women’s network; we believe the media is most effective as a tool of our democracy when it represents all the population, not just the male part. Journalism is the first draft of history, we believe it should reflect a female point of view, too. We are particularly proud of our mentoring scheme which pairs senior women with those starting out and has resulted in many junior women getting fantastic jobs. We are also delighted .to produce ground breaking research (most recently we’ve looked at which jobs women hold in the media, and the number of stories written by women).  Future projects include those looking at how we might further increase the diversity of journalists; we are particularly concerned by the lack of women of colour and those from working class backgrounds.


We are based in the UK’s media hub, London. Many of our committee members are based here, as well as a large proportion of our membership base, and so the city plays host to many of our meetings, seminars, and events. However, we do have a sister network in Scotland. You can find their website here or on twitter @WIJ_Scotland 


“Since 1994, women journalists from all over the UK have joined in their hundreds. Every level of entrant, from well established national newspaper editors, to the newest freelance, have attended WIJ talks, lectures, debates, discussions and many other events.”

Eve Pollard, author, journalist, former national newspaper editor and Honorary President, WIJ


We offer two tailored mentoring schemes each year, alongside annual research projects and monthly seminars and panels on a range of topics, plus networking events and parties.

  • Mentoring
    Women in Journalism runs two mentoring schemes annually. The first pairs ten women in the early stages of their journalism career with the previous year’s mentees. Alongside this, our second scheme pairs established journalists with our highly regarded committee members.
  • Seminars and panels
    Exploring a range of diverse topics, our seminars and panels are held in Central London on a monthly basis. Designed to be relevant to both staff and freelance journalists, past topics have included ‘How to ask for more money’ and ‘‘Work v Family: How to stay in the game’.
  • Research
    Every year we conduct a large-scale research project. Our findings are collated and presented at a dedicated event open to all.

In 2017, we researched the portrayal of women in the media and presented our findings in our research paper “The Tycoon and the Escort: the business of portraying women in newspapers”. You can find out more about this research here (link).

Our research topic for 2018 will be decided in the coming months.

  • Networking events and parties
    Our networking events allow our committee and members to relax and interact in a more informal setting. We hold two events a year especially for our mentors and their mentees, plus other events open to all members. We also host two parties a year; one in the Summer and another at Christmas.