Published today, Maxine pitched the ghost-written article to the Daily Mail’s Femail Magazine editor Josephine Forster in November.  

The successful pitch, which has earned Maxine a £750 fee, was pegged to the massively popular Netflix series ‘The Queen’s Gambit,’ and detailed how the game of chess is good for women.   

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The pitch introduced the expert to be featured and clearly explained her background and how she believes the power of chess can take relationships to a new level.  

The submission contained a captivating photo of the expert and it was immediately obvious to editor Josephine Forster that the piece being proposed by Maxine would intrigue Femail magazine’s readers.   

Josephine said: “Maxine’s pitch stood out for its newsy hook, bouncy style and a central idea I’d genuinely never heard before. She also had a good expert already on board and, once I went back with some more questions, was happy to adapt the pitch to our audience.” 

Maxine, from London, is a seasoned features writer and long-term Women in Journalism member. She has covered topics as diverse from white collar boxing in the City to the dearth of bird life for titles including New Statesman and the Financial Times. 

 “It was a great opportunity to try a new market,” said Maxine, explaining why she decided to pitch for the Editor Under the Spotlight commission. 

The series of interviews with top editors includes an exclusive opportunity for Women in Journalism members who have never written for the editor’s title before. 

 “I enjoyed the challenge of meeting Josephine’s call for trend ideas, for example, love in lockdown.” She added: “The Femail team has been very responsive and encouraging – a pleasure to work with.” 

Encouraging WiJ members to pitch for future Editor Under the Spotlight commissions, Maxine said: “I would absolutely recommend putting yourself forward. It’s a really good focus for honing pitching skills. The WIJ team is fantastic and committed to nurturing future talent.” 

Josephine added: Reading pitches from lots of keen new writers has been a pleasure; it’s a powerful reminder of the talent and enthusiasm out there. If you weren’t selected this time, I hope to hear from you again in future.” 

Women in Journalism’s Eleanor Mills said: ” We’re delighted that WIJ has helped a member get such a great commission in tough times and hope the series is helpful to other freelancers.”