“For more than 80 years, No7 has given women the support and encouragement to take on crucial moments in their lives with confidence and self-belief, being allies of unstoppable women everywhere. That’s why we are so proud to be sponsoring Women in Journalism’s Christmas celebrations, an organisation whose beliefs in supporting women so closely mirrors ours.”

With love,
The No7 Team

The legendary WIJ Christmas party is back!  This year we will be celebrating not with champagne and canapes, but Music Bingo on Zoom, plus a delicious STARLINO Rosé cocktail with cherries and goody bag of treats delivered in advance to your door, thanks to our very generous sponsors, No7. **( Deadline for goody bag has passed)

Instead of numbers you’ll hear snippets of pop songs, and if you think you have the title on your card you just cross it off.  It couldn’t be simpler!

You’ll receive the links and the bingo cards a couple of days before, and you’ll need two devices, one for the Zoom and the other for the cards – or you can print the cards off. Team up with friends or family members – Boris permitting – you can all use the same device(s).

The game play is real very simply and our host, Dave Octave, will run through everything prior to the game.

Oh you’ll wish it could be Christmas every day ay ay…

Time : 6.30 to 8pm

Book for FREE HERE

**( Deadline for goody bag has passed)

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