Seminar Summary: ‘Harassment in the newsroom: what happens now?’

21 November 2017

By Milly Vincent

This seminar was a timely effort to catalyse the end of harassment within UK media. It’s a topical and yet prehistoric issue that has remained largely unreported until now, posing the question; ‘Why did it take newspapers so long to realise this was a story?’

Many of our WIJ student members attended the seminar, listening intently to the discouraging experiences of the panel and other women in the profession. In 2017 we will not whisper to young women of the ‘occupational hazards they should expect in the newsroom’. In 2017 the standards of equality we expect should stand with us wherever we choose to work. It’s time to end newsroom harassment, a persistent plague on the careers of female journalists for decades.

The more able women feel to report cases of harassment, without risk of damaging their career or reputation, the less likely harassment is to happen. The Second Source, led by journalists include Rosamund Urwin and Emily Reynolds, is a new organisation offering crucial support for those who have suffered harassment in media. Please visit The Second Source website or read Rosamund’s article ‘Why I’m building a sisterhood’ for more information.

We would like to thank Wiggin LLP for generously hosting this seminar.