How do we manage to do it all? Working remotely, trying to home-school young children or cope with teenagers or young adults who would much prefer to be at university  or out with their mates. Then there are those of us at home alone, trying to get motivated but struggling mentally with feeling lonely and isolated.

** Home schooling includes teens and students studying at home 

Part of the session will be in break out groups  –  you can choose your group when you book your tickets.

Date & Time: Thursday 28 January 6pm – 7pm

To give advice and help us through these extraordinary challenging times we’ve gathered a panel of experts:

Chaired by Hilly Janes, WiJ Committee & Head of WiJ events 

Suzi Godson, The Times’ sex and relationship columnist and co-founder of MeeTwo Education and its award-winning safe, confidential and anonymous mental health support app for young people. @suzigodson

Anna Cook, a freelance journalist and senior communications manager at Mumsnet and former features director of Woman and Woman’s Own

Nicola Slawson, news, culture and social affairs journalist and founder of  @Nicola_Slawson

Anna Dusseau, teacher, home educator and author of The Case for Home Schooling  and @NotTheSchoolRun


Members £3  ( includes EB fee)

Non members £5 ( includes EB fee)

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If you are struggling financially the Journalists’ Charity is here to help.  When times get tough and you feel there’s nowhere else to turn the Journalists’ Charity is there for you.  Check it out HERE