Revealing Reality would like to share an important survey looking at the impact of online harm. The research aims to improve journalists’ safety in the UK (online and in person) and is being undertaken on behalf of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, with the support of the NUJ and the Society of Editors.

We need to get as many journalists as possible to complete the survey so there’s a really powerful evidence base for government to act on and they particularly want to hear from journalists who might be especially at risk, including women. It aims to capture information needed to improve protection for UK-based journalists against online abuse and physical threats or danger.

Obviously threats to or abuse of journalists can be distressing – or worse – and create a risk that journalists feel less able to carry out their work, ultimately with negative consequences to democracy and society.

The survey is here. It’ll be open until April 14. All information provided will be treated confidentially, and the results will be published in a way that will ensure that individuals and the organisations they work for will remain anonymous