We are delighted to announce our second WiJ Ambassador –  Ingrid Wall following Barbara Taylor Bradford’s inaugural appointment last year.

Ingrid Wall recently took part in a WiJ Zoom conversation about the life of her remarkable late daughter, the investigative journalist Kim Wall (write up can be found HERE). It was clear that Ingrid, herself a journalist, shared our values, and with Kim’s father Joachim Wall has put them into practice through the Kim Wall Memorial Fund, which supports journalists around the world who may find themselves at risk while doing their jobs. We are honoured that Ingrid has accepted this role.

Here is a statement from Ingrid on receiving the award.

”Rarely or never has the free press been as challenged from different directions as it is today. Politics and the economy help to make it more difficult to carry out the fundamentally important democratic task of a free and independent press.

In the fight for a free press, female journalists are a cornerstone. More women are needed around the world in the service of journalism. A story told by a woman is different than if it was written by a man. In the best of the world, every other article would be signed with a female byline.

Kim Wall stood on the barricades for the rights of women journalists. She wanted to take a seat in the male-dominated world of foreign reporters. She did her best to highlight women in her reporting, whether it was nuclear waste in the South Seas, warriors in Sri Lanka or earthquake victims in Haiti.

Kim can no longer fight for herself and her fellow sisters, but we are many who can carry on the fight. We have to do that – for Kim and for all the other women journalists around the world.

It feels very honorable to become an ambassador for WiJ. Our mission is important not only for all the women of the world but for all the people on our earth. We have a long way to go before we achieve a society that is equal in all respects, but also the longest journey starts with one step. We stand up for good journalism, and are prepared to fight for it.”

About Ingrid Wall:

Journalist, head of communication, author, born 1956 in Trelleborg, Sweden.

Mother to Kim Wall, journalist 1987-2017.

Author of Kim Wall; A silenced voice

About Kim: