Robust journalism is a crucial part of any democracy and is crucial if we’re to maintain the integrity of the UK news media. However, at a time when newsrooms are shrinking and struggling for resources, in-depth reporting is becoming increasingly difficult to do and there are less opportunities for entry-level journalists to learn these skills.

Meanwhile, the public’s need for high-quality, critical journalism is undeniably increasing.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) is the UK’s largest independent investigative journalism organisation. Their investigations seek to expose systemic wrongs, challenge misinformation and spark change.

During the pandemic its global teams exposed how Western nations had contributed to a Covid-19 ‘vaccine apartheid’ in poorer countries; linked US retailers selling beef to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest; and revealed the pages of coronavirus misinformation allowed to remain on Facebook.

On the UK front, its Bureau Local team revealed Deliveroo riders can earn as little as £2 per shift; highlighted flaws in the ‘Everyone in’ policy for homeless people during the pandemic; and won a year-long tribunal battle against Thurrock Council for the public to have a right to know how taxpayers’ funds are spent.

This TBIJ and We Are Black Journos collaboration represents a budding relationship between both organisations, and our commitment to making the news media industry more inclusive and representative. The Open Newsroom is aimed at making investigative journalism more accessible to existing and aspiring journalists.

Join hosts Hannah Ajala (founder of WABJ) and Vicky Gayle(health inequality reporter at Bureau Local) on Thursday 6th May, from 3.30pm-5pm, for an Open Newsroom spilling the tea on investigative journalism.

You’ll hear from the following journalists before breaking off into smaller groups for ‘speed dating’, when you can hear more about your chosen subject of interest:

  • Megan Lucero, Director of Bureau Local — What makes a Bureau investigation and how can you get involved with our teams

  • Franz Wild, Editor of the Enablers (Finance) team — How to uncover corruption

  • Miriam Wells, Impact Producer — Why impact is as important as the investigation

  • Meirion Jones, Investigations Editor — The legal hurdles of investigative work


*If you have any accessibility needs the organisers need to be aware of, please email Hannah: