90s-Themed ‘Choose Your Adventure’ Game Launches To Teach Reporters About Solutions Journalism

Journo Resources, a leading UK start up helping journalists and students, has released an interactive ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ game about solutions journalism.

The free game, which works on desktop and mobile, invites users to solve “The Mystery of the O-No Layer” while stuck in a 90s newsroom with a very irrate editor.

WIJ members are invited to attend the game’s launch party for just £4, which will include a live play along, talks fron solutions journalism and interactive storytelling, and a live Q&A.

“We’ve had a lot of fun building this game, and I hope other reporters will enjoy it just as much as we do,” said Journo Resources Founder Jem Collins, who built the game at home in just a few months.

“Especially in this COVID-19 world, solutions journalism has never been more important. While the news can feel endlessly dire, there are always people working to find solutions, and this kind of reporting is a rigorous way of examining those solutions.”

Play the game online now here, or reserve your place to the launch party here.