When: 12 July 6.30 -9.15pm

Where: The October Gallery, https://octobergallery.co.uk/contact/

Members WiJ/Weareblackjournos/ I like networking groups: £7.50  ( plus EB fee) NON group members £15.00 ( plus EB fee)


If walking into a room full of strangers makes you want to run for the hills, this is the event for you. Even the word – networking – can make most peoples’ hearts sink. But it needs to be done to make our careers flourish – and even if we think we are good at it, we can improve. In a jointly hosted event with our friends at We Are Black Journos you’ll learn all the tricks to successful networking.

Whether you are starting out – or going back to work after a break – our expert panel can offer platinum-plated advice on how to make contacts, pick the right events, break into conversations and approach people in powerful positions. And it needn’t be a crowded room – a strategic coffee will do just as well.

Chaired by Busola Evans, executive editor at The World of Interiors, joining them from Livingetc, where she was deputy editor @Busolaevans


Isabel Sachs, founder of https://ilikenetworking.uk/the-team. She is a producer, public speaker and podcast host and is passionate about helping people thrive in their careers

Dipal Acharya, freelance journalist and executive editor, ES magazine

Nancy Aehle began her professional broadcasting journey as an intern at a popular media house in Ghana, West Africa. She then navigated towards her current role as a multimedia journalist and presenter. She is looking to forward to merging her broadcast journalism career in Ghana, with the UK, and networking with other likeminded individuals within this industry. 

Rebecca Evans, director of impact and communications at the behavioural insight research company, Revealing Reality. Former editor of Construction News @_Rebecca_Evans

Amanda Nunn is News Editor ITV news, and a WiJ mentor and mentee

Calling all mentors and mentees! 
This is a brilliant opportunity to meet in person and learn the art of the professional chat.