Victoria Newton who was born in Liverpool and a Reds fan addressed one of the biggest scandals in tabloid history. She described the newspaper’s response to the Hillsborough disaster as ‘the biggest mistake in tabloid history.’ She also revealed that members of her family were at the 1989 Hillsborough disaster themselves.

The Sun is boycotted by those in Liverpool today because of the false claims it published about the disaster with the headline reading, ‘The Truth.’

Victoria was in conversation with Kate Mansey, Assistant Editor at The Mail on Sunday who asked about the response from her hometown working at The Sun.

Victoria said: “Well obviously my family are extremely loyal, and my friends.

“Look, it was the biggest mistake in tabloid history. And there’s not much more I can say about that.

“I admire the people of Liverpool for campaigning as long as they have. And it was a terrible thing that happened, that tragedy. And I can see why they’ll always feel a sense of injustice.”

“My family were at Hillsborough. So there’s nobody who has better empathy than I do about what they went through. The only reason I didn’t go that day was because I had to play in a school concert.

“But look: I wanted to work at The Sun newspaper. It was the biggest newspaper. I wanted to be editing the Bizarre column, that’s why I started working here. And I’m immensely proud of this newspaper.”

Quotes via Press Gazette

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