In 2017, Laura Whitcombe took a place on our senior mentoring programme. Within the year, she was leading her own WIJ seminar ‘‘Work v Family: How to stay in the game’ (link to blog). Here’s what Laura had to say about her place on the programme.

Laura Whitcombe


”Gaining a place on the WIJ senior mentoring programme last year has changed my career. I had just become a mum when I applied last November and was a bit nervous about how having a baby would affect my career progression. I also wanted some guidance on how best to move into a different area of journalism.

A year on, and the support I have had from my mentors and WIJ has been immeasurable. It has given me the confidence to focus on my career aims and has resulted in my being able to pursue new opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have had.

I would encourage anyone thinking about applying to be specific about what you want a mentor to help you with and be proactive in getting in contact and asking for advice. ”

Our committee member Becky Barrow became one of Women in Journalism’s inaugural mentors in 2017. Becky says:

I have found it enormously satisfying helping younger journalists in the WIJ mentoring scheme. While my children think I’m an idiot whose advice must be ignored, it is lovely to have a mentee who listens, learns and then flourishes!

It also felt like being involved was the least I could do when I had, in my 20s, received help from so many people who were really far too busy to spare me the time of day – but they still did.

Becky Barrow, News Editor, Sunday Times