The Women In Journalism Mentoring Scheme

Our mentoring scheme is kindly sponsored by Tesco.

How would you like some of the most experienced women in the business to nurture your media career?

The Women in Journalism network is made up of some of the most influential and supportive female print, broadcast, and online journalists and editors of our time.

Our mentoring scheme, kindly sponsored by TESCO matches them with other women journalists in need of personal, one-to-one advice for a sustained period of time.

After a very successful four years and 300 happy mentees, we are delighted to be launching our two 2021 mentoring schemes in November 2020.

What previous mentees and mentors say about the scheme

“I am deeply honoured to have the fantastic Eve Pollard, founder of Women in Journalism and former Fleet Street editor,  as a mentor. Long after the official mentor period she continues to advise, inspire and counsel me. Returning to work after maternity leave, I couldn’t have wished for a greater cheerleader at a time in my career when I needed it the most. Thank you, Eve!”

Kate Mansey, deputy features editor, Mail on Sunday, Mentee

“I have achieved so much in the last 24 months, none of it could have happened without the support of Women in Journalism. I was a recent graduate and my mentor allowed me to really understand the industry and realise how much I didn’t know. I know that even now I could ask her for advice. I still can’t believe I get paid to write stories every day.”

Ellie McKinnell, reporter,, Mentee

“My Women In Journalism mentor went above and beyond in encouraging me,  from helping with my confidence to nailing that pitch, I went on to be published in a world-renowned women’s news site. I couldn’t have done it without her!”

Annette Kellow, freelance writer, Mentee

“Nothing keeps me feeling younger more than spending time with young people. As a mentor, I loved hearing what’s on their mind, what they care about and why they are interested in journalism.”

Becky Barrow, news editor, Sunday Times, Mentor

“The mentoring scheme is an excellent idea.  Great to be able to give something back and I do feel it does a lot of good. I wish such a scheme existed when I was starting out  in journalism.”

Lucy Daltroff, travel writer and broadcaster, Mentor

“Admittedly, I was a reluctant mentor – I go away a lot, I struggle for time and wasn’t sure how much I had to share. But I’ve loved mentoring my mentee this year. I learnt so much from her and watching her keen-ness and her career blossom has renewed my own enthusiasm for journalism.”

Katie Glass, award-winning feature writer, Mentor

How It Works

We currently run two schemes. Take a closer read below to work out which one is right for you.

Senior Scheme: This is for you if you’re already an established journalist. Most likely, you’ll be looking for more senior positions or guidance on how to progress your career at a higher level. Mentors will be selected from our committee and their networks.

Junior Scheme: This is for you if you’re just starting out in your career. The junior scheme is for women who are recent entrants and mentors will be last year’s mentees from the senior scheme, who will now be in more senior or satisfying roles.

Successful applicants will be introduced to their mentors in the first week of January 2021 and meet them at a special mentoring reception.  The scheme lasts for a year and includes at least four one-to-one meetings. You can read more about our mentoring guidelines here.

How To Apply

The scheme is only open to WIJ members – please join by downloading the membership & DD form HERE.  We are sorry but are not able to accept applications from students.