Last year I offered free coaching as lockdown began. Generally speaking working for free is not usually recommended as a great career move; after all, if you put a nil value on what you offer why would anyone else value it?

Well, yes, but value is not all about money, is it? Surely we all discovered that truth last year. Value is also about kindness, about helping others, about putting something positive out there to counteract the negativity and unpleasantness. Now I think of it, offering free coaching is a positive act of rebellion against the status quo.

It’s not as if I didn’t get something out of it either. Doing it for several weeks last year made me realise just how powerful on line coaching can be, and so the coach in a box version of RenewYou was born. Plus, I met so many wonderful women, many of whom are still in touch. It became a virtuous circle.

Applying is simple. Just reply email me and we’ll work it out, all in total confidence.