What is data journalism?

Why does Europe sabotage its climate goals by subsidising the fossil sector by more than €137 billion per year? Why are European countries funding €104 billion euro’s worth new gas projects?

These numbers – from recent Investigate Europe stories – give an idea of the scale of the contradiction of governments who have set ambitious targets to tackle climate change.

Data adds the ‘how much’ to the who, what, where, why and how. It can give a headline to a story and a way of explaining what’s going on.

In this hour-long workshop, Juliet will give examples of how data has been used – from finding out the source of a Cholera outbreak, to seeing which countries are stockpiling the Covid vaccines. She’ll talk about the value data can add to a story, why not all data is equal and pitfalls to watch out for. She’ll also give examples of tools that will get you started on your data story.

Juliet Ferguson has worked in the UK for the Telegraph and the BBC, starting out with BBC World Service radio and ending up on the BBC’s investigative programme, Panorama. She currently shares her days between the European investigative co-operative Investigate Europe where she works as a journalist, and the British Centre for Investigative Journalism where she organises training for the Access to Tools and CIJ International strands. She is trainer in data journalism and sometime photographer.


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