When : October 6

Time : 6pm to 7pm

Julie Welch talks to Eve Pollard (legend!) about her new book Fleet Street Girls – The women who broke down the doors of the gentleman’s clubHer personal story tells of the female journalists who broke down barriers in the 1970s and 1980s as women moved up the ranks in Fleet Street when it was the biggest, cosiest all-male club, and the interests of half the human race were consigned to ‘The Women’s Page’. Hear about Julie’s experiences as the first ever female football reporter, as a secretary who dared to write an article – and other trail blazing colleagues like Lynn Barber and Wendy Holden, who could be interviewing Elton John one moment and ducking flying bullets or fighting off the sex pests the next.

Julie grew up in Loughton, Essex. Her journalism, on a variety of topics, has featured in many national newspapers and she appears regularly on radio. She has also written plays, books and a film, Those Glory Glory Days, about her childhood passion for Spurs.

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