Please join us for a very special In Conversation with BBC Moscow correspondent Sarah Rainsford. In September she was brutally and unexpectedly expelled from Russia after two decades of reporting from there. “I am being expelled and I have been told that I can’t come back – ever,” she told BBC R4 Today.

Sarah will talk to former  WIJ Chair Eleanor Mills how she survived for so long, the reality of speaking truth to power and why she fears for the future of the country she loves so much. This will be a wide-ranging conversation designed to be helpful to aspiring younger journalists wanting to learn the tips of the trade, but also to anyone interested in the craft of journalism in hostile environments .

Sarah Rainsford is the BBC Moscow correspondent, although she was expelled in August 2021 after being designated a ‘security threat’.

Her reporting career in Russia spans Vladimir Putin’s two decades in power, beginning with her move to Moscow for the BBC in 2000. During her first posting she covered major stories including the sinking of the Kursk submarine and the tragedy of the Beslan school siege as well as revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine. After stints as BBC correspondent in Istanbul, Madrid and Havana, she returned to Moscow in 2014 as Russia annexed Crimea and went to war in eastern Ukraine. A fluent Russian speaker, she has reported from Moscow ever since.

She’s also the author of a book on Cuba, ‘Our Woman in Havana: Reporting Castro’s Cuba’

Photo: Jonathan Ford