Women in Journalism Intern Um-E-Aymen Babar returns this week to spotlight incredible women journalists working in the sport industry.

GoalDiggersUK is England’s first Black female-led football podcast. Founded by Anita Abayomi and Brigitte Sesay the aim of the podcast is to help inspire young girls that they can not only talk about football in an open and exclusive space, but they can also get opportunities to work in the space too. The podcast features women who work in different areas of sports and unites them through their love of football.

In the run up to the Euros, BBC Sport invited GoalDiggersUK to interview Reshmin Chowdhury and Alex Scott MBE as they discussed how women’s football has developed over the years and what BBC Sport has in store for the summer.

One of the hosts, Moyo Abiona, spoke about how media platforms that deliver women’s football content have changed over the years:

“Women’s football has risen so much because of visibility. With the broadcasting deals that have come about viewing has gone up 10 million. It shows that if there are resources available, people will use them. To watch women’s football a few years ago I had to go on an app called ‘FA Player’ and if you didn’t know about it, then you wouldn’t get to watch the games. This made it hard to sustain an audience for women’s football. But now they’ve got huge brand deals and games are being streamed on mainstream TV, so the game is changing.”

GoalDiggersUK latest series is ‘Summer Transfer Series’ and is available on Spotify, Youtube and Apple.