Women in Journalism Intern Um-E-Aymen Babar begins this week by spotlighting incredible women journalists in the run up to our 30th anniversary.

The sport industry has historically been a predominantly white male space and it is so important to also have a platform where women can feel welcomed and safe. These places allow us to flourish, be represented and share our stories.

Over the next few weeks I will be spotlighting some incredible women, their platforms and how through their work they have championed for the recognition of women’s sport at both a grassroot and professional level. 

This Fan Girl is an award-winning non-profit digital platform powered by a global community of football fans, founded in 2016 by Amy Drucquer and Laura Blake. It began as a project to create a visual documentary of women who support football and they travelled the country documenting women at every Premier League ground which was later turned into an exhibition. 

They also have a podcast, The Biggest Fan Pod, where they bring you stories from their role models in the world of football, inviting fans and uncovering behind the scene stories to get a different glimpse into the world of football. Through the podcast they discuss the ups and downs of being a football supporter, “each interview reminds us of the basics of love, support, the simple pleasure of being the biggest fan, and just how much we all need one.”

In April, they started their own grassroot football team called Vicky Park Queens, based in Leicester, as a commitment to continue to support the growth of recreational football for women across the UK by providing these opportunities to play and invest in coaches.

This Fan Girl has also started doing football meetups to help bring women and girls together to watch games across London, New York, Manchester and Paris. Most recently, they collaborated with Art of Football and Five X More to host a watch party for the Champions League Final last month. Now, with the EURO’s less than a month away, Amy and Laura have exciting plans lined up ahead of the games. Visit ThisFanGirl to find out more.