When: Tuesday June 9

Time : 5.30- 6.30pm

Has lockdown increased the domestic load on women, risking a reversal many of the recent strides they have made in the workplace as well as being hit the hardest economically- and what can we do about it?

Join the discussion with our panel including

Helen Lewis author of ‘Difficult Women: A history of Feminism in 11 Fights’

Award-winning journalist Donna Ferguson

Dr Nighat Arif who is dealing with much COVID 19  hardship in her practice area with 3 kids of her own

Christine Armstrong, author of’ Mother of all jobs’ –  How to have children and a career and stay sane(ish)

Christine Farquharson,The Institute for Fiscal Studies

Sam Smethers, chief executive, Fawcett Society

Alicia Drummond (therapist) and WIJ chair Eleanor Mills.