For the final time, WiJ Committee Member Jem Collins returns to spotlight more incredible women journalists from across the UK in the run up to our 30th anniversary. It’s your last chance to nominate your own here.

It’s been a pleasure to spend the last month delving into just some of the amazing women working in our industry, as well as shining a light on the incredible people doing their own thing and starting up publications of their own.

From Neelam Tailor’s beautiful writing on Bend It Like Beckham in gal-dem to Robyn Vinter’s mission to elevate stories from working class journalists and the stunning personal writing on show at Aurelia Magazine, our industry is full of incredible women striking out and creating something both new and needed.

And these names are just a taster. Tobi Oredein of Black Ballad. Rachel Charlton-Daily of The Unwritten. Leanna Grant of The Frow. Emily Woodhouse of Intrepid Magazine. Alice Daisy Pomfret of Akin Magazine. Kate Samuelson of Cheapskate London. Felicia Pennant of SEASON zine. I could go on for a long time.

There are incredible journalists working across the whole of our industry, but independent publications will always have a special place in my heart. Creating journalism is hard enough, but to also be able to take pause to see what’s missing in our industry – and then change it – is an immense feat. 

To slog for years through the ups and downs, often alone or in a tiny team, without the endless money or grants. Those are the people who come to my mind when you ask about amazing women journalists. If I’ve left you with one thing from the past four weeks, I hope it’s a world of new publications to add to your media diet – ones that can inspire you there is a better future.

So to end this week, I wanted to leave with one final nomination for the future, because it’s not just about those of us working now, but the journalists soon coming to join us. This year’s best newcomer winners at the annual Student Publication Association awards were KINDRED, a brand new print and online magazine with a mission of radical inclusivity.  Headed up by two incredible women, Reem Makari and Janet Osayande, KINDRED is bold, uplifting, and a vision of the future. Watch this space.