The Scottish Football Writers Association (SFWA) has apologised after guests walked out in protest when a keynote speaker made offensive jokes.

Women in Journalism Scotland co-chair Gabriella Bennett and Eilidh Barbour led the walkout.

Eilidh Barbour later tweeted: “Never felt so unwelcome in the industry I work in than sitting at the Scottish Football Writers Awards. A huge reminder there is still so much to do in making out game an equal place #callitout #equalgame.” Gabriella Bennett added: “I was at these awards tonight and sat through the same sexist and racist jokes made by a keynote speaker. My table walked out at the same time Eilidh’s did.”

Speaking to BBC Radio Scotland today, Ms Bennett said: “We were two tables in an enormous room and lots of people found it really funny, so there’s lots of work that we still need to do in really changing people’s minds about what’s acceptable.”

These incidents are a stark reminder of the misogyny and racism that persists across the media landscape. These issues are heightened within the male dominated sporting industry and we must examine the culture that allows these attitudes to continue.

In sports journalism, just six out of the 456 roles in broadcast and written media covering the major 2016 tournaments including Wimbledon, Rio Olympics and Paralympics were BAME women. Only four out of 95 staff writers in the Scottish print industry are women.

Women in Journalism stands in solidarity with Eilidh Barbour and all the women who have been victims of these offensive attacks in sports journalism and the media.