WIJ Workshop – committee member Louise Court shares her experience
By Louise Court

3 April 2017

Louise Court joined 13 other WIJ members at an exclusive workshop and supper with Nina Grunfeld, founder of the group coaching organisation lifeclubs.co.uk, and coach Louisa Burnand in March.

On the day of the Westminster terrorist attack a group of WIJ members made our way to the home of Nina Grunfeld, founder of the Life Clubs, only half a mile away from the atrocity. We were going to discover our USP’s, what really made us tick and  be honest about what our life goals were.

On one hand it seemed incredibly superficial to be thinking of ‘me’ and ‘what do I want from my life and career?’ while so many had been killed and injured. On the other hand it felt even more important to nail exactly what is important to you in these troubled times. As women, juggling the many varied aspects and commitments of our lives, professionally and personally, we often put our wishes at the bottom of the list.

Life Clubs has a simple, quite old-school, formula that is used in small workshops and across large corporations to get to the root of what actually makes you happy. After an hour and half of talking, and listening, to complete strangers, brainstorming with oneself and different partners it really did produce a different slant on my thinking.

Nina, who has been described as ‘a new breed of self help guru’ and her team have been doing this for years and the workshops run to a strict formula. The starting point is to look for your USP. In a world where we are permanently told we need to think of ourselves as brands, it was a lot harder than you’d think. Then quite simply we examined what was important to us and what we valued alongside looking at our skillsets.

The process is simple. You start by writing down all the things you love doing, from childhood to now, and notice if there are any that link up. Next you make a note of all the stuff you never want to do again. As this is aimed at positivity, this is given a fraction of the space. Then you make a list of the top five things on your ‘love list’ and try to work out what it is that you found so empowering. The interesting bit is when you work with a partner to discover if this exposes any character traits that are strengths you may not have realised that you had. It is left to you to work out how this impacts on your career choices. Finally Nina asks you to imagine your ideal situation in two years time. My vision, accompanied by a very ropey drawing, was really not what I thought I’d be looking at when we started. I guess time will tell.

A few weeks have now passed and, of course, I haven’t got round to doing all the stuff I promised would be on the next day’s to do list. But I do have a voice in the back of my head that I didn’t have before.  I’ve arranged to meet up with a fellow workshopper to nag/encourage each other to do what we said we’d do. And, I have a collection of “lifebulb moment” stickers that I am desperate to use because I love a bit of stationery. It may not be high-tech but it is very satisfying when planning a new business and a fresh vision.

To join a Life Clubs workshop individual coaching contact workplace@lifeclubs.co.uk or phone 0207 222 2199