Set up by Vaughan Smith in 2003 in honour of colleagues at the Frontline News Television agency who died pursuing their work, the Frontline Club quickly became a centre for a diverse group of people united by their passion for quality journalism and dedication to ensuring that stories that fade from headlines are kept in sharp focus. It exists to promote freedom of expression and support journalists, cameramen and photographers who risk their lives in the course of their work.

Friday 11 Feb 2022 from 10 to 4pm: WORKSHOP: Fact to fiction with Hugh Costello

 Never has there been greater demand for stories based on real events. On screen, on the stage, on radio and in publishing, the crossover between fact and fiction is increasingly relevant, and increasingly lucrative. Are you interested in learning how to turn true stories – either contemporary or historical – into compelling drama or fiction?

This one-day workshop with Hugh Costello focuses on the art of fact-to-fiction adaptation.


Friday 25 Feb 2022 from 10 to 4pm: WORKSHOP: Getting your idea commissioned, funded and made with Dean Arnett

 Got a documentary idea but not sure how to: move it forwards, get some interest, get it funded, commissioned and broadcast?

This one day course is for anyone, from complete beginners to experienced producers, who have a documentary idea but don’t know how to move it forwards, develop it and get it made.


Friday 4 March 2022 from 10 to 4pm: WORKSHOP: Introduction to investigative journalism with Iain Overton

From equipping yourself to cover conflict zones, to finding stories using Freedom of Information requests, to analysing data on human rights abuses, to pitching your stories to national newspapers and broadcasters, this one day course will introduce you to human rights reporting and coverage.


Friday 18 March 2022 from 10 to 4pm: WORKSHOP: Introduction to mobile journalism with Bill Shepherd

More and more journalists are now using their smartphones as an electronic news gathering device as online magazines and newspapers increasingly expect reporters to add multimedia content to their story. This one-day course will teach you how to record audio and how to shoot video using your smartphone.


Friday 25 March 2022 from 10 to 4pm: MASTERCLASS: Storytelling in the edit with Simon Ruben

 This masterclass is designed to help you confidently make decisions in order to create concise and powerful digital narrative. How can you construct the most effective narrative from your raw material? What should you be concentrating on when building your story?

This one-day masterclass will inspire participants to think about storytelling from an editor’s perspective.



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